POS Types

For your point of sale display to be a winner, the selection of material and construction type must be suitable for its proposed use.

Is it short or long term? Do your branded products require a simple display or a more elaborate, high end profile?

Corrugated cardboard displays are emblazed with full graphic prints to enhance your brand and product offering. Ideally suited for short to medium term promotions and marketing campaigns at a fantastic low cost. Allows for the display to be replaced regularly and for easy flat packed solutions to significantly reduce transport costs. Designed for a range of applications including small to large displays.

They are lightweight while providing good structural strength and durability for indoor applications only. Offset printing provides vibrant and sharp colours and graphics. Cost effective for both medium and large volumes. Both local and offshore manufacturing available. Best value for ROI of any display type
Coreflute plastic is extremely durable, lightweight, structurally stiff and waterproof alternative to corrugated cardboard. Ideally suited for dump bin and medium term promotions and marketing campaigns. Graphics can be applied through screen printing process and applying printed self adhesive vinyl.

Suited for both small to medium quantities. Local and off shore fabrication is provided dependent upon your time constraints and requirements.
Honeycomb board provides high strength and stiffness characteristics, with good durability and is lightweight. The edges can be left unfinished for a raw and natural appearance or edged for a cleaner look. Suited for medium term promotional and marketing campaigns and ideally suited for large displays or where the product is heavy. All displays come flat packed.

Graphics can be applied with direct to print, UV, screen printing and self adhesive vinyl and is available in a range of thicknesses. Manufacturing can be provided locally for low volumes and off shore when larger quantities are required. Honeycomb can also be utilised for a range of retail displays including counters and shelving. It is perceived as a designer material, giving an edge to any display.
Expanded PVC foam is fantastic for medium to long term promotions and marketing activities, providing excellent strength, stiffness and durable characteristics. A smooth and flat surface, available in a range of thicknesses and weights. Printing is done via direct to print or applying printed self adhesive vinyl.

The material is used for both local and off shore fabrication, giving a high quality finish for long lasting results. Used for both permanent and temporary displays.
Traditional point of sale and merchandising displays for long term applications and are generally constructed from rigid and hard substrates such as steel, melamine board, MDF and plastics, giving them excellent durability but at a higher cost. They are available in flat packed versions or supplied fully assembled and delivered in store.

Krums designs and sources these types of displays and are best used when longevity is required and a high end product is to be promoted and marketed. Both local and off shore fabrication is available.