1. Concept & Design
The corner stones of success, a greater design. KRUMS creativity team will leave no stone unturned in conceptualising and then designing a winning stand. Incorporating eye catching visuals with practical functionality to gain the attention of existing and new customers. Regardless of event and stand size, whether you use a standard stand package or demand a full customised stand solution, great design must be applied.
2. Brand
Incorporating your brand to create maximum exposure and impact. Big bold branding to stand out from your competitors.
3. Graphics
Use dynamic and vibrant full colour graphics to enhance your stand. All our stands utilize fabric panels to facilitate the integration of graphics, your logo, products and service statements. A0 posters just don't cut it.
4. Function
You stand must not only look great, but must function, visitors are to interact with you and your stand. Our experience team with design a stand that best represents your products and brand, while allowing your team to engage with customers and show them why you are special.
5. Installation
The KRUMS installation team are focused on making your stand shine, they can take care of installation, pack down and storage. Allowing you and your team to arrive at the start of the event fresh and ready to market and generate business for your company. If you wish to do it yourself, our team provides support along the journey, from detailed installation guides to phone guidance.
6. Audio Visual
Video and Sound can greatly enhance your stand and user experience. LCD panels and walls are fantastic way delivery large
7. Service
KRUMS provide a full supported service from concept to finish and so should you.
8. Lighting
Effective lighting to fully iluminate your stand, make your stand shine. It is a must.
9. Furniture
Practical and elegant ranges available for hire. A tired trade show attendee will always appreciated a design chair to sit on while you converse you message to them.
10. Hire or Buy
Flexible hire or buy options available.

"Need help, have a design or just want to increase your ROI at your next event, we at KRUMS will make it happen!"